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Our Story:

Cancer Sucks was established out of the pain and frustration that comes from losing a loved one to cancer, combined with the desire to do what we can to prevent anyone from experiencing the same loss. The 1996 death of Donna Holland White was a devastating event and one that will never be forgotten. While undergoing treatments, surgeries, and the emotional roller coaster that comes with cancer, Donna still had time to think of others by making arrangements to have her body donated to cancer research at the time of her death. Cancer Sucks is a living memorial started by her family and dedicated to Donna. The organization is run by volunteers that have all been touched by cancer and focused on raising as much money for cancer research as possible. Corporate partnerships fund our overhead expenses allowing us to donate ALL the proceeds from our events to cancer research. For more information on Corporate Partnerships, volunteer opportunities, merchandise, donations, or to start your own Cancer Sucks fundraising event contact us today.

Brock’s Poem

Brock was in kindergarten when his Mammaw (Donna Holland White) died. The following was sent home by his teacher after they talked about losing his grandma to cancer.


I Miss Mammaw

When we went to Mammaws house

She likes frogs

We got her boxes full of frogs….fake frogs

Whenever she lived in the house,

she had coffee mugs that hung on the wall

Like bunches of them.

All different kind of mugs.

When her mom Texie came down,

She would make coffee with sugar.

I would drink some. I would wake up early.

Texie would be making coffee.

I was shocked because hardly anyone is up when I am up.

When Mammaw died

Grandpa moved and remarried.

I was the ring bearer,

It wasn’t fun

Because Mammaw had died and

Grandpa was marrying someone else.

I felt sad.

Mammaw sometimes took me to Dairy Queen and then we would recycle newspapers.

Every time I went to Mammaws house she would be happy to see us.

Mammaw traveled a lot on motorcycles and she would go to a lot of places out of state.

Mammaw would get us stuff and tell us what she saw when she was there.

Mammaw promised that she would take me to New York and show me the Statue of Liberty.

Texie did smoke, but she quit because Mammaw Died of cancer.