Cancer hits everyone in some way. I had a grandparent taken by cancer long before I was born. Several aunts and uncles were struck by this plague when I was young. My sister in law at age 41 was taken from us after a 3 year battle with Ovarian cancer. You would think that this would be enough for a family.

No. My son at 16, was ill – doctors could not figure it out. Healthy up until this time – he ended up in the hospital and was ultimately diagnosed with Leukemia. After diagnosis, he lived 2 weeks. How do we know how to do so many things in this world, but we can not get a grip on this horrible disease? No one should have to loose a child. Cancer should not have to be a death sentence. So many times it is. CANCER SUCKS! Nothing should be able to steal the life from us.

Kelly Gomez